The California Water Awareness Campaign is a year-long effort by organizations throughout California to heighten public awareness about the conservation, supply, quality, and distribution of water.
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Trade Thirsty Plants for Thrifty Plants

Time to be More Aware of Conserving Water!
Summer months are upon us and consumers use more water for outdoor plants and lawns as the weather warms up. The California Department of Water Resources recently reported that the California snowpack measurement is less than normal and may result in water cutbacks to farms and other entities. Californians need to be aware of how much water they use this summer to help save our water now! That means paying attention to your outdoor watering practices and doing simple things like using a broom to clean driveways and patios instead of a hose. If you absolutely have to use a hose, make sure it has an automatic shutoff nozzle. For more conservation tips, click on the link "Water Tips".

Save Water & Energy This Summer
A statewide public outreach campaign has recently launched to remind Californians about the need to use water and energy wisely this summer. The campaign reminds us that water and energy use are linked and asks consumers to be especially conservation-minded this summer to help keep the electric grid stable and reliable during heat waves when demand for both water and energy can be at its highest. For more information on this campaign go to

Nice Save! public education campaign
The Nice Save! public education campaign shows consumers the many ways to conserve water and congratulates them on their water saving efforts. All components of the campaign are available to water agencies and ready to use now! Click on the link to see all the available components of the campaign. To see a list of thrifty plants for California, click here to go to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's drought tolerant plant list.

Animated Education Video Now Available!
An educational water conservation video for elementary school students featuring Freddie the fire hydrant and April the poppy is available from the CWAC. Follow these two animated characters as they tell you about California's water and show you smart ways to do your part and conserve. The video is available to CWAC members for $5 each and $10 each for non-members. You may call or email the CWAC office to order copies at 916-444-2584 or cwac@wateraware. org.

Attention Teachers!
The CWAC has inventory of past materials which it can no longer use but may be useful for teachers. We have posters, refrigerator magnets, pins and other items we can send you free! All items have old CWAC logos and slogans on them but are great giveaways for your classrooms and special activities. Contact the CWAC for more information or to request any of these items.

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